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22 Rooms for Travellers and Families

Take a break from life on the road and stay with us at the Stardust Motel in Camrose. Sprawl out on a double bed and take it easy for the night. With double beds in all 22 of our rooms, we have more than enough space for you or your family if you’re passing through on vacation. Our staff can accommodate small and large work crews, so you never have to worry about sub-standard services. Open 24 hours a day, you can come in at any time and book a room with us. We’re also conveniently located near a shopping mall, hospital and restaurants so you’ll never be bored, looking for stuff to do.

Amenities and More

When you stay with us, you’ll have access to your own kitchenette, air conditioner, wireless internet, free parking, laundry services and a flat screen LCD TV. If you’re a businessman, we also offer fax services so you can still be productive while you’re winding down to relax. If you’re a weary business traveller, vacationing as a family or are part of a work crew seeking accommodation, we have all you need and more. Book your stay with us by giving us a call in Camrose.


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